Sleepless in Cockeysville

I can’t wait until Holly finally gets here. It feels like I never sleep when she isn’t around. I just sit up all night watching tv or playing games. Waiting to feel even the tiniest little bit sleepy.

Over the last month I’ve had far too many nights where I haven’t gone to sleep until after 2am. Then in what feels like seconds the alarm starts ringing at 7am to wake me up. At which point I generally argue with it for an hour or two. Mentally playing the game of what “What can I skip in my morning routine to get five more minutes of sleep?”

Last night was game night aka friendly fire friday and I was up until after 2am again. Then I had to get up at 7:30am to be out the door by 8am to venture off and try and get my driver’s license exchanged for a local one. Unfortunatley when I got there (30 minute drive away) it turns out they had decided that they wouldn’t be open on this Saturday unlike every other Saturday.

I have to tell you. That right there; is a feeling that sucks. You drag yourself out of bed on less than five hours of sleep, drive 30 minutes away, and then find out it was all in vain. At which point you are left with a 30 minute drive back.

I had checked a few weeks ago to see when it was open/closed. I knew it would be closed on the Monday. I just went back and checked the website again, and sure enough, it does say it will be closed today and Monday. Either that is new since the last time I checked or I some how missed it.

So yay… now I’ll potentially have to take another half day off work to go sort out yet another issue. I really think if the government is supposed to be here to serve the people, that it should be open on weekends. You know, when the majority of people actually have time to go take care of things.

They could always be open for only four hours a day Monday-Friday and then open eight hours a day on weekends. Because lets be honest. If you can easily carve out time to go visit places like government offices Monday-Friday, it probably doesn’t really matter what time of the day that is.

This wasn’t meant to turn into a rant, but there it is. I hope everyone else has a great long weekend (*for those in Canada, just have a great weekend).