A Lot Has Happened

So much has happened since last I blogged that I don’t even know where to start.

After an incredibly grueling year on my last project (which consumed all of my “free” time and then some) I decided it was time for a change. So Holly and I packed up and moved across the continent and south one country. Okay, that isn’t entirely true. Holly isn’t here just yet, but soon she will be! I can’t wait!

Moving to a new country has been both easier and harder than I thought it would be. I look forward to when the last few bits of paperwork wrangling is over with.

The new job is cool. The tech is completely different from what I’m used to working with. In some ways that is better, and in some ways that is worse. Hopefully I can have a hand in fixing up those bits that I currently consider to be worse.

Every day at work I get to learn more and more about the existing tech. It is quite a mountain of knowledge that needs to be climbed. I enjoy the challenge though.

Other than that since I’ve been living alone while waiting for Holly I’ve started to remember a lot of things about single life, and how much single life sucked. Take cooking for example; I was never an expert chef by any stretch of the imagination, but I had forgotten just how time consuming it was. Or how… adventurous?

One of those adventures were the “Mustard and Tuna Fish Sandwiches”. No, they were not as bad as they sound. Now don’t get me wrong, by no stretch of the imagination were they good, but they weren’t unbearably awful. How did it happen you ask? I had everything all opened and mixed up and went to add the mayo, at which point I discovered it had expired. It was late enough that I didn’t want to go out and get more so I looked for alternatives. It ran through my head that mustard was good on most of the other meats so why not give it a try? So I did…

Most of the other adventures have been less disastrous and as such don’t bear repeating. Then of course there is all of that laundry. All of those dishes. So much cleaning. All of the shopping. There really seems to be no end to it all.

I am really looking forward to when Spring arrives this year. Taking trips to Pennsylvania, Washington DC, maybe even New York. Plus of course exploring around Maryland as well. Hopefully even driving to visit my family and maybe having them come to visit us.

For now I’ll stop by saying that the adventure that we call life continues on.